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Jewelery Care

Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.

Don't jumble your jewelry pieces in a drawer or jewelry case. Pieces can scratch each other.

Perfumes and cosmetics contain chemicals, which could very easily react with the gold, effecting its polish and luster. Always apply perfumes and cosmetics before wearing your jewelry.

Be careful when removing your jewelry to wash your hands. Do not leave your jewelry on the rim of a sink where it can easily slip down the drain.

We provide you the service of having your jewelry checked for loose stones, prongs, and hinges for free so please don't be hesitant to get your jewelry checked by us for durability every 6 months.

Remove all gold jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap can cause a film to form on gold jewelry, making it appear dull and dingy.

Diamond Jewelry

Clean diamonds "glow" because maximum amount off light can enter the stone and return in a fiery brilliance. It takes just a little care to keep them that way.

Do not wear diamond jewelry, especially rings, when doing rough work. Even though diamond is one of the hardest materials in nature, it can still be chipped by a sharp sudden blow.

Chlorine can damage and discolor the mounting on your diamond jewelry. Keep your diamond away from chlorine bleach or other household chemicals. You should also remove your diamond jewelry before entering a chlorinated pool or hot tub.

Avoid touching you clean diamonds with fingers since this would lead to grease from your hands being held on top of the diamond. Handle the jewelry by its edges.

Patchi Setting Jewelry

For storage, always keep the jewelry in a plastic box with cotton or butter paper around the jewelry. This helps the jewelry to stay away from moisture in the air and darken the stones.

If space is an issue, place your jewelry in between layers of cotton wool and seal it in a good plastic box or bag.

Never put pressure or weight on jewelry, especially ones studded with precious polkies.

Be extra careful not to spray perfume, body spray, dye or any other chemical on any part of pachi setting or uncut jewelry.

Keep the jewelry away from water or dampness (excessive moisture) since they tend to darken the uncut diamonds.

A bonus tip would be never to wet the dori or chord used to adjust the length of the neckpiece since it can cause the sari your wearing on it to discolor.